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Monthly Archives: julio 2008

These are pictures of Lucio, my other Cat, the brother of Ken Lee and Carinoso I caught him by chance trying to cool himself down inside a Cooking Pot. 2008.


Monette with Sofia, Celina and Darlene riding the Tricycle in front of Conchita’s House in Molino. 2006.

My Daughters Maria Sofia (right) and Celina (left) Taken during my vacation in the Philippines, 2004.

This was taken using a Video Cam on a tripod connected to the TV, so that i would see if i have the right angle. Taken with the Nightshot on. 2003.

This was taken at the balcony of our Apartment in Al Bustan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Using Video Camera, 2003.

This is the Mother of Ms.Ken Lee, Lucio and Carinoso.. I think she was kinda bored that night when i took this Photo of her. Her name means “Ugly Pamela”. 2007.

This is Ms. Ken Lee. When i saw her sleeping inside a Rice cooker i hurriedly get my digital camera and took this snap shots. It actually looks like she was enjoying it.2008. To see her father, click HERE.

This is my Kitten, her name is Ms.Ken lee short for Ken lee tulibidibidauchoo. I got her name from a You Tube Video, about that Bulgarian Pop Idol Contestant who sang “Ken Lee” (Without You by Mariah carey) it was so funny!. 2008.

Mi Abuela

I took this Photo years ago. Her name was Felisa Sayas Cabrera, My Grand Mother.I remember seing her sleeping on a bench and i decided to take a few pictures of her, but this one is the best. This was originally in Black and White, I scanned it and changed it to Sepia. Early 1990s.

To know her story click HERE