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CIMG0504 - Copy

1. “Ishak” , A Pakistani 2. “Amri Hussein” , A Yemeni and 3. “Amro” , A Yemeni. The photos were taken on different occasions months ago. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Afghan Man Working In A Restaurant

An Afghan man working in a restaurant in Faisaliah district. Taken August 21, 2009. Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

Corniche Series 11

The amber colored setting sun behind a mosque at the corniche in Al Hamra District. Taken last July 9, 2009. Al Hamra district, Jeddah.

Arab News

In this photo is the headquarter of Arab News Newspaper, one of the leading Newspapers in Saudi Arabia. Faisaliah District, Jeddah. August 13, 2009.

Ms. Ken lee & Bruno

This photo of Ms.Ken Lee with Bruno was taken last August 8, 2009 at my apartment here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Bruno 2
Bruno 1

This is Bruno the new addition to our family. He is the offspring of Ms.Ken Lee. He was born on the 4th of July 2009. Jeddah, saudi Arabia. August 9, 2009.

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On The Spotlight

Chacapam on the spotlight, takenAugust 9, 2009 at my apartment here in Jeddah.

Prickly Pear Vendor 1

Prickly Pear Vendor 2

 A Prickly Pear Vendor peeling off the skin of the thorny fruit. Taken just outside Al Baik restaurant in Bawadi District, Sitten Road, Jeddah. August 10, 2009.

Mosadia 1

Mosadia 2

Mosadia 3

These are photos from Mosadia. 1. “The Arch Gate” , one of the arch entrances in Mosadia souk. 2. “The Obelisk” , this is the major land mark in Mosadia right in front of Al Baik restaurant. This photo was taken from inside the restaurant 3. “Al Baik Restaurant” , just one of the many branches of this restaurant which is the primary crowd drawer of Mosadia because of it’s delicious broasted chicken. Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. August 7, 2009.


School Boys Escaping Through Iron Fence

Boy On A Biycle Watching Football


These photos were taken around a school in the Faisaliah District. 1. ” Stone Sculpture In A Small Roundabout” , a  sculpture of a pouch in a small roundabout in the intersection of a road. 2. “Escape”, I accidentally saw these boys squeezing themselves through this iron fence yesterday while driving. 3. “Boy On A Bike” , a boy sitting on a bike and watching football from outside the iron fence while drinking a beverage. 4. “A Lady Beggar with her child” , a lady beggar with a child along the side of the  road, saying  thank you.  Al Imam Abdulaziz Street, Faisaliah District, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). August 4, 2009.