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Monthly Archives: abril 2010


A stray cat on a dumpster near my apartment in Faisaliah district. Pusakal is a Tagalog portmanteau word which came from the words “Pusa” or cat and “Kalye”, (in spanish Calle) which means street, a Street Cat. I took this photo last April 14, 2010.

I took this photo while refilling my LPG tank at this LPG station in Faisaliah District, Jeddah. April 17, 2010. 


Workers take refuge from the scorching heat of the sun under the truck. I took this photo while I was stuck in a traffic in Rawdah Street in Faisaliah District. April, 25, 2010.


This is the Jeddah Fountain during sunset. This is the view from Al Hamra district, Jeddah. I took this photo on the way home from the office. Al Hamra District, Jeddah. April 12, 2010.

I took this photo after I came home from work. It seems like she is more interested in me than I am to her. Faisaliah District, Jeddah. April 14, 2010.


A photo of two cats on a trash bin which I took near my apartment here in Jeddah. April 9, 2010, Faisaliah District, Jeddah.