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I am leaving. Please follow me to CAMERA NI CABRERA on blogspot, my other home!

Me voy. Por favor, sígueme en CAMERA NI CABRERA en blogspot, mi otra casa!


I’ll see you there! / Nos vemos allí!


Cooking Oil

Different brands of cooking oil, this photo was taken at an Asian grocery store here in Jeddah.October 20, 2009.

See the bigger verion on Aminus3!

En El Ultramarinos

This photo of canned and packed food on the 3 layers of shelves was taken inside an asian grocery near my apartment. October 20, 2009.

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Produce Shop

A produce shop filled with colorful fruits and vegetables at Al Khalediah in Jeddah. This photo was taken through a clear glass of the shop’s facade. October 16, 2009.

 See the bigger version of this photo on Aminus3!

PearsThree pears on a white table with their twigs leaning to the left. October 13, 2009.

IMG_0370 (2)

A fruit vendor at the side of the street slicing a water melon. Sary street, Jeddah. October 7, 2009

Eggs, To The Right

Eggs arranged to form an arrow against a dark gray background. Photo was taken September 21, 2009.

Frozen Chilis

Frozen red chilis on a white table with green background. Photo taken using Canon EOS 450D on September 21, 2009.

At The Grocery Jul1209

Shelves full of colorfully labeled canned foods in an Asian store in Faisaliah District near Siteen street.
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. July 13, 2009.
This shot was taken at an Afghan-Saudi Restaurant in Faisaliah, Jeddah Saudi Arabia. December 29, 2008.
See how they serve the chicken, “Kabsa and Chicken Faham”.