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I am leaving. Please follow me to CAMERA NI CABRERA on blogspot, my other home!

Me voy. Por favor, sígueme en CAMERA NI CABRERA en blogspot, mi otra casa!


I’ll see you there! / Nos vemos allí!


Chacapam’s close up smile. Photo taken November 24, 2009.

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This is Chacapam on the couch. November 21, 2009.

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Cold Cat - CopyChacapam cold and all wrapped up in a blanket. This was taken November 2, 2009. For Silly Tuesday!

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Black Cat 2

This is Chacapam on the sofa again. October 29, 2009.
Although El Dia de todos Los Santos and El Dia de Los Muertos is officially celebrated in two separate days Nov. 1 and 2 respectably, It is customary in the Philippines to celebrate them together in one day which is November 1st. It is one of the most popular holidays in the Philippines after Christmas and Holyweek were we go to the cemetery to offer flowers and candles to our dead love ones.
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Black Cat - Copy

This is Chacapam on the sofa trying to look mean, she is just one of my 6 cats in the house. Photo taken inside my apartment. October 29, 2009. HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!!!

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On The Spotlight

Chacapam on the spotlight, takenAugust 9, 2009 at my apartment here in Jeddah.

This is the Mother of Ms.Ken Lee, Lucio and Carinoso.. I think she was kinda bored that night when i took this Photo of her. Her name means “Ugly Pamela”. 2007.