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Afghan Man Working In A Restaurant

An Afghan man working in a restaurant in Faisaliah district. Taken August 21, 2009. Jeddah Saudi Arabia.


Mosadia 1

Mosadia 2

Mosadia 3

These are photos from Mosadia. 1. “The Arch Gate” , one of the arch entrances in Mosadia souk. 2. “The Obelisk” , this is the major land mark in Mosadia right in front of Al Baik restaurant. This photo was taken from inside the restaurant 3. “Al Baik Restaurant” , just one of the many branches of this restaurant which is the primary crowd drawer of Mosadia because of it’s delicious broasted chicken. Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. August 7, 2009.

This shot was taken at an Afghan-Saudi Restaurant in Faisaliah, Jeddah Saudi Arabia. December 29, 2008.
See how they serve the chicken, “Kabsa and Chicken Faham”.

“kabsa and Chicken faham” from a Restaurant in Faisaliah. Taken November 1, 2008. Faham means charcoal grilled. Kabsa is a local rice dish.
See how they cook the chicken, “Grilling the Chicken”.

In this picture you’ll see a man in yellow passing by in front of Jollibee and at the right you’ll see people looking at the billboard posts. This Jollibee opened just a couple of months ago in Jeddah International Mall, in front of Sarawat Supermarket, in Jeddah, K.S.A. This Picture was Taken August 14,2008.

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