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I am leaving. Please follow me to CAMERA NI CABRERA on blogspot, my other home!

Me voy. Por favor, sígueme en CAMERA NI CABRERA en blogspot, mi otra casa!


I’ll see you there! / Nos vemos allí!


[1] “Jeddah International Market” and [2] “Amarillos y Negros” (Yellows and Blacks).
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, November 6, 2008.

In this picture you’ll see a man in yellow passing by in front of Jollibee and at the right you’ll see people looking at the billboard posts. This Jollibee opened just a couple of months ago in Jeddah International Mall, in front of Sarawat Supermarket, in Jeddah, K.S.A. This Picture was Taken August 14,2008.

To learn more about Jollibee click HERE.